Vendor set-up only Thursday the 9th  time: 1PM-8PM
Friday the 10th set-up 8AM-10AM, Friday show time: 10AM-8PM
Saturday the 11th set-up 8AM-9AM, Saturday show time:  9AM-6PM

*  Pinball machines, video games, jukeboxes, slot machines, etc.
*  Lots of door prizes.
*  Outdoor flea market with no admission charge!
*  Pinball and Gameroom items on sale.
*  Kids and adults pinball machine tournaments.
*  Refreshments will be available.

$15 Adults, $5 children ages 6-12, Free for Kids 5 and younger.
   (All prices are per person, per day)
These people walked out the door with a free pinball machine, just for attending the show.
1997 - Brian Hein (Time Warp)                         
1998 - Jeff Weaver (Crescendo)                       
1999 - Rick Mason (Surfer)                      
2000 - Ed Zander (Surf Side)                         
2001 - David McMaster (Gold Ball)
2001 - Jeff Shue (Surf Champ)                         
2002 - Brian Montalbano (Panthera)
2002 - Helen Yarnell (Black Jack)
2003 - Kelly from Lititz, PA (Flash)
2003 - Gerry Halle (Grand Prix)
Show Organizer:
Rich Marquette:
October 10th and 11th 2014
York Fairgrounds and Expo Center
York, Pennsylvania 17404
2004 - Brian Montalbano (Blackout)
2005 - David Fisher (Mars, God of War)
2006 - Jeff Lawton (Laser Cue)
2007 - Brian Latshaw (Pinbot)
2008 - Cameron Ross (Gold Wings)
2009 - Tim Mohr (Hot Shots)
2010 - Chris Barclay (Strange Science)
2011 - Chad Dubovsky (Lost World)
2012 - Chazz Lyon (Lady Luck)
2013-  Jeremy Hakes (Silver Slugger)
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October 25th - UPDATE
A big thank you to all our volunteers, vendors, flea market vendors, attendees and those who brought games.  Despite the epic rain, the show was a success!

October 15th - UPDATE

The time lapse video from this year's show is now posted on the videos page!  (We also corrected the link to the 2012 video.  Enjoy!)

October 6th - UPDATE

Cointaker and Stern have provided us an autographed Star Trek Translite!  There will be a special tournament at the show and the winner will take home this awesome Translite!  A big thank you to Stern and Cointaker for providing this prize!