The Rules of the show!
To those people who fill out their forms,mail them in, and comply with the rules, a huge Thank You!  This makes the show run very smoothly and safely, and we appreciate your courtesy.

If you are a vendor, renting an outdoor flea market space or purchasing a two-day pass the registration form MUST be returned to the show by the date listed to get the discounted rate.  Indoor vendor spaces sell out quickly and are sold on a first come, first served basis.

If you register late for Flea Market spaces or vendor spaces (including the day of the show), you will be charged the full rate.  There is no guarantee that space will be available for you if you wait until the day of the show to register for space.  Indoor vendor space will cost $165.  Indoor flea market space will cost $110 and outdoor flea market space will be $100

Vendors that have paid for indoor spaces DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE THIER GAMES ON FREE PLAY, SET UP or TURNED ON!

Vendors that have paid for indoor spaces may remove their games at any time during the show.

Aisles must be kept clear for fire code compliance,  Vendors please keep your items inside the area that you were assigned.

The Fairgrounds charges for trash removal and there is a surcharge for  items above and beyond normal usage.  Please do not leave items such as pinball cabinets, video games and other large items for the Fairgrounds trash service to deal with.  You will be charged for the fees! 

Bringing a game for the Free Play area entitles you to free admission the day or days that your game is at the show. Games can be for sale or not for sale but must be set for Free Play.

Games for the free play area must be in good working order, prior to being placed on the floor.

All games in the free play area (for sale or not for sale) must be tagged with contact person and phone number. This allows us (and buyers) to find you if there is a problem with your game.

If you sell a game from the free play area , it must remain on the show floor, plugged in, turned on, and set on Free Play.  If the buyer wants to remove the game from the floor, before 5PM, a fee of $35 will be imposed.  The seller and/or buyer must pay the $35 removal fee at the register.  The   receipt must be shown to the person at the rear doors, and accompany the game as it leaves the building.  Failure to comply with the rules for the free play area will result in not being able to register games or purchasing flea and vendor space in the future!

Selling items from a vehicle, and without purchasing a flea market space is not allowed on the Fairground private property.  You could be prosecuted.

No refunds will be given for any reason!.  Don't pay the admission cost then tell us you thought this was the snowmobile show .

Anyone caught stealing or not paying admission will be prosecuted.

You must be present to win all prizes

Abusing the games will not be tolerated!   Anyone caught abusing a game will be escorted out of the show and beaten.

No open flames are allowed on Fairground Property.  This includes grills. Fire is bad for 100 year old historic wooden buildings that populate the fair grounds. 

All game removals during show hours must be done through the rear doors of the hall.

You must have your wristband on and displayed to be in the hall.

No vehicles permitted in the hall after show setup!

Distribution of  non gameroom related topics pamphlets and leaflets is prohibited.

No glass containers permitted on Fairground property.

Flea Market is rain or shine.

Thursday set up day is for Vendors and people that have brought games for the free play area.  If you are not in one of these two groups you will be asked to leave.

Due to various reasons, such as electrical load balancing or traffic flow your game may be moved by the staff and promoters of the show.

All games in the free play area should be at least one Pence apart.