Q.  Why aren't all of the games on free play?  I thought all the games that are in the hall had to be set for free play
A.  Only the games in the Free Play area are required to be set on free play.  The games at the Vendor booths do not have that requirement.  The vendor booths are typically found lining the walls of the hall.
Q.  I'm an outside vendor in the flea market for Saturday.  Can I get to the show inside if I need to?
A.  Yes.  If you are by yourself or even if you have a helper, we allow you inside to play games or look around inside at no additional cost.
Q.  I'm bringing only 1 pinball machine to the show.  How will the 1 free admission pass work?
A.  We will know that you are bringing one game to the show, by filling out the registration form and mailing in it.  When you arrive at the show, we will know that you do not have to pay any admission costs.
Frequently asked Questions (FAQ)
Q.  I can't make it to the show this year.  How can I be put on your mailing list?
A.  Just e-mail Rich and send us your mailing address.  You will receive information in the mail a few months before the show is held.
Q.  How many games will be there and how many will be for sale?
A.  There are usually over 150 games at the show.  It's hard to say how many people will sell their games.  It's up to the person who brought the game.

Q.  When I arrived, the show seemed like it was still setting-up?  Why?
A.  When you have many vendors and people from afar trying to get set-up all at once, it gets a little tricky.  Some people may arrive late due to weather or traffic, but that's the way it goes.  The show could have games wandering in all day, we will always give everyone a chance to set-up and sell their products, even if the show is open to the public.

Q.  Can you give me a list of the names of the games that will be there?
A.  That's almost impossible.  The only names of games that we know of, are those people who wrote them down on the registration sheet.  Most of the time the registration form arrives a few days before the show, or people bring their games into the show unexpectedly, and fill out the form on the spot.
Q.  What are some good hotels, and restaurants nearby?
A.  Wyndham Garden York is our show only discount hotel.  However, there are several hotels and restaurants nearby that we can recommend to you.  Just ask any person involved with running the show.
Q.  Is there plenty of parking space at the Fairgrounds?
A.  There is definitely plenty of parking at the Fairgrounds.  The parking is free.
Q.  Does the fairgrounds have camping facilities?
A.  Yes. For details contact the fairgrounds at  www.yorkexpo.com
Q.  I forgot to mail my registration form and I want to bring games.  Can I bring my games?
A.  Sure.  Fill out the form and have it ready when you arrive.  We will not turn away games for the free play area of the floor until we run out of space.

Q. You sent me a registration form but I want to attend for Saturday only.  Does that mean I can't attend?
A.  No.  The registration form is only for those people bringing games, T-shirt pre-ordering, two day passes and vendors.  Just arrive at the front door and pay for the general admission cost.  We will give you a ticket for door prizes and we will issue you a wristband so you can go in and out of the building for the whole day.
Q.  I'm bringing 2 games to your show.  1 pin and 1 video.  Does this mean I can only get into the show free for one day?
A.  Bringing just one game to the show, entitles you to free admission the day(s) that your game(s)are in the free play area.

Q.  Why aren't the games organized by year, date, manufacturer, serial number, style or color?
A.  Several reasons, the primary reason is that the games don't all arrive at one time and we don't know what games will be at the show.  Another reason is that people usually bring more than one game and like to have their games next to each other.