Tournament schedule

Friday:  10am - Doors Open
   4pm - Mechanical Tournament
   6pm - Ladies Only Tournament
   8pm - Doors Close

Saturday:    9am - Doors Open
12pm - Doubles Tournament
  1pm - Kids Only Tournament
  3pm - Electronic Tournament
  6pm - Doors Close, Game Over
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Questions and Answers about the free Tournaments

Q.  How much does it cost to get into a tournament?
A.  Nothing.  It's free and fun.

Q.  Where do I sign up?
A.  When an announcement is made, just report to that game.  When it is your turn to play the machine, the scorekeeper will write your name down.  When the game is over, your score will be written down next to your name.

Q.  What game will it be on?
A.  The name of the game will be announced right before the tournament starts.

Q.  For the kids only tournament, does every child receive something just for participating?
A.  Unfortunately no.  We do however, award prizes to the top four  scores.

Q.  What kind of prizes do you give away for any of the tournaments?
A.  Prizes may range from a T-shirt, pinball translite, glasses, flyers, small board games, books, subscriptions, etc.

Q.  How long do the tournaments last?
A.  Until everyone that wants to participate has played the game.  Most tournaments last for 1 hour.  However, the Electronic Tournament has gone for over 2 hours.

The scorekeepers on all tournaments are volunteers.
Please thank them for their hard work!
Without them the tournaments could not happen!